Hacker Beach Episode 10

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Hackerbeach #10 brings us to beautiful El Salvador (announcement blog post with some details).


La Libertad coast, El Salvador

Between El Zonte and Puerto de La Libertad:

Hacker Beach area


As always, the entire month of January 2022 is officially Hacker Beach month. This means, if you hang out in the area anytime within the month of January, there should be other hackers and associated lifeforms around. Naturally, there will be more people in the middle of the month than at the very beginning or end.

What to Expect

Getting In

Fly into San Salvador airport (SAL) or travel by land or sea from a neighboring country.

Entry Requirements

Most passports get a 90-day visa on arrival at no cost. U.S. citizens, Australians, and some other nationalities will have to pay a small “tourist fee” at the airport ($12, cash, credit/debit card, or bitcoin). There are no special COVID-19 requirements for entry anymore (yes, zero).

Getting Around

  • Buses (only until ~6pm on the coastal road; just wait on the roadside and flag them down)
  • Taxis
  • Uber (mostly just works in the big city area; can be topped up with Bitrefill e.g.)


  • USD and BTC
  • Cards accepted in some places, but very high merchant fees. Be nice and pay with cash or BTC.
  • You can turn BTC into USD cash at Chivo ATMs (only on-chain txs)
  • Lightning Network supported almost anywhere BTC is accepted


  • Tigo — Confirmed to have decent LTE in most places
  • Claro — Also decent LTE. Can be topped up with Lightning directly on the Claro website
  • Digicel
  • Movistar
  • Be aware of supported LTE bands with your phone/modem: https://moviles.info/frecuencias/el-salvador/


  • Walk around and ask directly at guest houses for cheap rates and otherwise unavailable rooms
  • Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.
  • Many larger houses/villas (to share) available for rent along the coast

Chat Rooms

This is where almost all coordination and planning is happening!


You can usually find people hanging out in the #hackerbeach channel on Libera.Chat (moved there from Freenode a while ago). If you don't have an IRC client, you can use Libera's Web Chat.

Invite-only XMPP chat for participants

We have a more private communications channel for people who are definitely coming to Hacker Beach. It's an XMPP group chat at hackerbeach@kosmos.chat. Please ask someone to invite you (IRC, fedi, or Twitter), in case you don't have access yet.

As a mobile client, we can highly recommend Conversations for Android for example.

Social Media

Please note: never publish photos of people without their consent!

The "official" Hacker Beach accounts are: hackerbeach@kosmos.social on the open social Web, and @hackerbeach on birdsite. Use hashtag #hackerbeach anywhere you want. You may find some content with that on Instagram, Pixelfed, etc.