Hacker Beach Episode 10: Sessions

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Aside from just hanging out and hacking together, we like to do unconference-style sessions during Hacker Beach.

This can be talks, intros, workshops, discussions, or any kind of scheduled activity you want to do with others. This wiki page will serve as a place to collect session proposals for Hacker Beach Episode 10, as well as publish the actual schedule and locations later on.


If you want to organize a session, i.e. do a talk or workshop, start a discussion or seminar, or be the initiator of any other activity, please add it to this list with a handle/name attached:

  • Show & Tell — Share anything you're working on, or worked on recently. Everyone shows and tells, 5 minutes per person. (raucao)
  • Federate ALL THE THINGS — Decentralizing social media and chat today, using open standards like ActivityPub and XMPP (raucao)
  • Earn sats for opensource contributions! — How we're building a sustainable opensource co-operative at Kosmos (raucao)
  • ...

Requests / Ideas

Want to request a session about something? Maybe someone can do a small talk about a topic you're interested in, do an intro workshop, or anything else:

  • Lightning Network 101 for developers
  • Language exchange Spanish/English
  • Linux user meetup
  • Bitcoin/Lightning meetup
  • Overview/walkthrough of Galoy opensource software (the basis of Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
  • Movie night(s) (put up projector somewhere and watch documentaries, or talk recordings from e.g. rc3 or other recent hacker confs)
  • Hacker Beach #10 Parteeeey
  • ...

Location ideas

  • Hope House, El Zonte
  • Jungle, El Tunco
  • Point Break Café (El Tunco or El Zonte)
  • El Vikingo, El Zonte
  • Olas Permanentes, El Zonte
  • ...