Hacker Beach Episode 5, January 2017

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Check out the official announcement on hackerbeach.org.

Location: Flores, Indonesia

We'll be gathering on the island of Flores, in the South-Eastern part of Indonesia. Hacker Central will be in and around Labuan Bajo on the West end of Flores, which is situated right next to the Komodo islands and national park.

Random Hints

  • Check out Air Asia's Asean Pass, if you're interested in traveling around SE Asia before and/or after Hacker Beach. You can get up to 10 flights for $100 plus airport taxes!


As an unorganized, informal gathering, there's nothing to register or RSVP for. However, it would be much appreciated if you entered some kind of name (ideally your IRC nick) in the following list, in case you plan to join us. You can also add a timeframe, so we know who to expect when.

  • Arzu
  • bkero (Jan2 - Feb4ish)
  • bumi (Jan13th - end of Jan)
  • galfert (Jan 12 - Feb 1)
  • gregkare (Jan 12 - Feb 1)
  • raucao (Jan 5 to end/open)
  • slvrbckt Jan 5th - ~25th-ish
  • XioNoX
  • gridinoc (Jan 3-13i)
  • fsmanuel (Jan 10-26)


Session planning pad


If you're planning to work on (or introduce, discuss, or learn about) particular projects during Hacker Beach, feel free to add anything to this list: