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The first factor that contributes towards the Stockholm Personal Diet Plans ineffective treadmill workout is the routine factor. Most people suffer from a burn-out factor. This is not in anyways connected to your fat burning but it is more a mental factor. Burn-out is nothing but getting bored so badly that you never want to use your treadmill ever again. Now to avoid such a burn-out factor, you will have to mentally prepare yourself before and after every work-out session and make certain that your body is not pushed to exercise more than what it can take. Exhausting yourself is not the answer to faster fat burning.

Also make certain that your diet is high in fiber and very low in fat and calorie content. This would help metabolize your food faster and ensure that you do not add more calories to the queue that already needs to be burnt.

Now remember these two simple tips to get the best out of your treadmill workout. All you have to do is prepare yourself before and after a workout, never exhaust yourself to an extent of hating your treadmill, drink lots of fluids and let your diet be high fiber and sans fat or calories. Let these tips help you see better results with your treadmill workouts.