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Labuan Bajo is a town on Flores island in South-East Indonesia, neighboring to the Komodo archipelago (WikiTravel entry).


Local Facts Labuan Bajo

Getting There

  • Has an airport. Flights come in from Jakarta (CGK) and Bali (DPS). It's also possible to take a boat from Bali.


  • Arrange a tour of Komodo island for Komodo dragon watching
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling (with huge manta rays!)
  • Hiking
  • Rent a car and driver (1,000,000 IDR, 70 EUR) and drive through the national park



  • > 10 of dive shops
  • Komodo National Park has dozens of dive spots
  • "Some of the greatest fish and coral diversity in the world"
  • Snorkelling too


  • La Prima Beach - No shade
  • Kanawa (on Kanawa island)
  • Binongko (on Binongko island)
  • Pede Beach (small)

Food & Drinks

  • Indonesian food all around
  • Burger Time is a great place for burgers, with free delivery.
  • Mediterraneo for Italian food with real Parmesan cheese.



  • Official list:
  • Waecicu Beach Inn - One of the only accommodations with a beach, scooter distance north of town. (bad reviews)
  • Golo Hilltop Hotel & Bar - 12 bungalos, short walk to Paradise Bar, long walk to town centre
  • Le Pirate Hotel & Bar
  • Hotel orange - Very bad reviews
  • Orange Guest House - Very bad reviews
  • Airbnb listing 1 - Good reviews, need to contact host about exact availabilities for Jan
  • MantaManta - Recent, good reviews, wifi at reception


Network Coverage

Network provider : Telkomsel

Telkomsel recently added 12 new LTE cell base stations to compliment the 20 already in Labuan Bajo. This new coverage should also include the Komodo islands and surrounding area, so you can take selfies with the dragons and upload them right away.

Coverage map

Carriers & Pricing

You can buy a 3G/4G SIM just outside of the Arrivals room at the airport.

WiFi most places too, but the cellular data is more reliable


  • 3 ATMs in town
  • 1 EUR =~ 14329.68 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)