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== Potential Locations ==
== Potential Locations ==
* Colombia (Cartagena, Medellín)
* Colombia (Santa Marta, Medellín, ...)
* Budapest, Hungary
* Budapest, Hungary
* Penang, Malaysia
* Penang, Malaysia

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Hacker Beach hackers are sad, when it's not January. So we kind of want to have a shared house to live and work in for other times of the year.

Apparently we're not alone: https://twitter.com/hackerbeach/status/702936619679145984

Use this page for collecting notes on anything from other people's examples to potential locations and properties.


  • Shared ownership, with hackers as (equal?) holders of it
  • Should we form a company/non-profit to own and manage it
  • Permanent residents vs temporary residents (how long can/should people stay?)
  • Income source: Airbnb when nobody is using it?

Considerations for location

  • Should be easily (but not too easily) reachable
  • Decent internet access
  • Warm weather in northern hemisphere winter months

Potential Locations

  • Colombia (Santa Marta, Medellín, ...)
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Penang, Malaysia

Italy Tourism Agency

"Italy is giving away 103 run-down properties, including villas, inns, and castles for free. The country’s State Property Agency expects anyone who gets a free castle (or any other of the 103 objects) to commit to restoring it so it can be used as a tourist destination. Whether the property becomes a hotel, spa, restaurant, or something else is up to the new owner to decide."

The deadline for the first round of properties/applications is June 26, 2017.