Hacker Beach Episode VI

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Petite Côte, Sénégal


  • Senegal road trip. Start in Dakar and make our way South, staying where we like it. Meet up with hackers on the way.

Prospective Locations

  • Around M'bour, Senegal. Tons of long stretches of beach. Some small towns, some big towns. Good cell coverage.
  • Nianing: village south of M'bour, 21km north of Joal Fadioath. Small town, plenty of beach, some restaurants.
  • Banjul, The Gambia. An island in The Gambia, just south of Senegal. Island has about 40k people


Île de Gorée (Jan 3 until ?)

This tiny island has a lot of elements from Shela village (Lamu island, Kenya, Hacker Beach Episode 2). It's located just in front of Dakar city, to the East. There's a ferry (going every hour until late night), which will take you to Gorée within 20-30 minutes, for 5200 CFA (less than 2 EUR). The terminal is located next to the train station, and every taxi driver should know it.


As an unorganized, informal gathering, there's nothing to register or RSVP for. However, it would be much appreciated if you entered some kind of name (ideally your IRC nick) in the following list, in case you plan to join us. You can also add a timeframe, so we know who to expect when.

  • bkero (Jan 15)
  • raucao (Jan 3)
  • slvrbckt (Jan 3)
  • fsmanuel (Jan 5)
  • lio17 (a.k.a. derbumi, Jan 14/15)
  • you (enter name here plz)