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It is well known as "the Surfing Capital of the Philippines" with a reputation among surfers within the Philippines and the International scene. Several coral reefs, offsore islands, and sand bars are also found. It contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, at Del Carmen town. - but some of the better know surf spots are for experts only.

spot to be is probably around General Luna and Cloud9


  • flights from Manila ~70EUR - 100EUR
  • looks like a good island to explore: ~1.5h from north to south
  • offers diving and surfing and beaches and offshore islands to be explored
  • January is rainy season. "internet says it rains a lot" - weather details to be researched
  • Internet to be researched. not too much data on opensignal, some people on tripadvisor said they liked the good internet (whatever that means)
  • 2 ATMs in some city on the island. better bring money, also some hotels offer some cash withdrawals from card payments
  • no visa is required for 30 days (30d extension possible) with a German passport. US passports need a visa afaik.

Weather (it rains)