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== Requests ==
* [ Godot game engine] / [ BrainfuckIDE] (by wmww, req. by raucao) == Session Offers =={| class="wikitable"! Name=== raucao ===! Description! Organizer! Interest|-* | [ Lightning Network] (| beta, but in legit use already)* | raucao| slvrbckt|-| [ Kosmos Chat] / [ Kosmos Kredits] (| alpha software)* | raucao| slvrbckt|-| [ RemoteStorage] (| constant dripping wears the rock away)* | raucao||-| [ Fediverse] / [ ActivityPub] (| Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial, etc.)* | raucao||-| [ IndieWeb]|| raucao=== wmww ===||-* | [ Godot Engine] (| MIT licensed community developed game engine with comparable features to Unity3D. It has 3D, 2D and UI features as well as a Python-like scripting language, so lmk what we want to focus on (I could even talk about internals if anyone was interested). Any session will involve an introduction to the basic node and scene system)* | wmww| raucao, slvrbckt|-| [ Blender] (| With the 2.8 overhaul now in (stable and usable) beta, this is the time to learn Blender)* | wmww||-|[ Rust] (| I'm def not an expert, but I'd be happy to help beginners get started)* | wmww| slvrbckt|-| [ Brainfuck] | with [ my IDE/Visualizer] (If anyone *was* interested in learning it, the visualizer I built makes teaching and understanding the basics a lot easier)| wmww=== ulni ===| raucao|-* | Bisq the dex* || ulni| slvrbckt|-| Infographs* || ulni||-| The Claimnet* || ulni||-| Fuzzycoin|| ulni||}


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