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Welcome to the HackerBeach wiki.

This is where we keep information related to HackerBeach so that it can be used by hackers following in our footsteps, or if we decide to revisit a place.

Hacker Beach Pre-Hackout 2016/17[edit]

Hacker Beach Pre-Hackout 2016/17

Hacker Beach #5, January 2017.[edit]

Hacker Beach Episode 5, January 2017

Prospective HackerBeach locations[edit]



  • La Paloma, Uruguay - Small surf town, fiber internet, cheap accommodation, good weather. All walking.
  • Nosara, Costa Rica - Lots of beach, lots of surfing. No vehicle needed, canopy hiking, yoga. "Cheaper, local, informal accomodation"


Official HackerBeach locations[edit]

Other HackerBeach-related places[edit]

Hacker House[edit]