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Hacker Beach #12, January 2024

Mahajanga, Madagascar

Prospective locations (notes)


  • Mafia Island, Tanzania - Just south of Dar Es Salaam, "Zanzibar 30 years ago". Small beach town with no roads
  • Vilanculos, Mozambique - Mozambique capital of water sports. A walkable beach town
  • The Gambia - The Gambia (assuming no civil (ok too much) civil unrest in January
  • Mayotte - Island off the coast of Madagascar. French department
  • Cape Verde - Island country with 9 islands to explore via ferry or air. Mountainous islands with beaches incl a volcano island
  • Togo and Ghana - Togo for the beaches, Ghana for the parks and lakes
  • Réunion, Part of France/eurozone, has beaches and two volcanos


  • Nosara, Costa Rica - Lots of beach, lots of surfing. No vehicle needed, canopy hiking, yoga. "Cheaper, local, informal accomodation"
  • Fernando de Noronha - ~350km off the coast of Brazil


  • La Paloma - Small surf town, fiber internet, cheap accommodation, good weather. All walking.
  • Cabo Polonio - Hamlet on the Eastern coast, partly in a nature reserve, surrounded by ocean and sand dunes


  • Zipolite - Oaxaca, Small beach town, 1km long beach (nudist destination)
  • Mazunte - Oaxaca, small beach town, backpackers, cheap, plenty of things to do. Good swimming.


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